Sandy Buczynski

Faculty School/Course Title Number of Students
sandybuczynskiSandy Buczynski School of Leadership and Education Studies- EDUC 535 Curriculum Design and Evaluation 13
Biography Dr. Buczynski has worked as both a research scientist as well as an educator. She graduated with a B.A. in Biology and worked in research while obtaining a Masters in Public Health in University of Texas, Houston. In 1978, she obtained her lifetime teaching credential in science education and has been teaching biology ever since. In addition to teaching at USD, she is also on the Board of Directors for Nativity Preparatory academy, serves on the advisory board for Science Scope, and volunteers for the American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education.
Brief Description In this class, Dr. Buczynski’s students will investigate technology and its relationship to learning especially as it relates to specific tools or programs. They will examine learning in a technology rich context, as well as critically analyze the true impact of technology to promote student learning and the global influence of technology on learning. A large part of the course examines the process and environments in which technology can promote individual learning. Students will reflect on their learning and how technology and community can foster the learning process at a personal and school level.

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