Perla Myers

Perla Myers
Perla Myers
Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School Teachers II


Biography Perla Myers has been a member of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department since 1999. She enjoys teaching classes at all undergraduate levels: core mathematics classes, mathematics classes for the Mathematics major, and mathematics classes for future and in-service elementary and secondary school teachers. Professor Myers’ most recent work involves the improvement of the mathematical education of teachers.
Brief Description iPads will be used in class to improve, broaden and deepen the students’ proficiency, appreciation and understanding of mathematics, to appreciate that mathematics is universal and understand issues that transcend culture and those that do not. Students will work on problems and explaining problem-solving approaches to help students develop reasoning, problem-solving, and explanation abilities. They will practice explaining and interpreting other students’ explanations to determine their mathematical validity. iPads will record student explanations and assess their own as well as others’ explanations. They will critique their recordings and further develop and improve their explanations as necessary. They will also develop demonstrations and presentations.

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