Jonathan Mack


Jonathan Mack

HCIN-540 Intro to Health Care Informatics


Biography Dr. Jonathan Mack attended the University of San Diego, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science, for his PhD training. He completed his dissertation on application of systems engineering techniques to predict bed utilization. His program of research centers on application of systems engineering to the healthcare environment. He has training in both systems engineering, Healthcare informatics and Human factors. He is currently a Post Doctoral Fellow with the West Wireless Health Institute. His research areas include clinical applications of technology and wireless heal devices. Dr Mack is researching user interfaces for electronic medical records and medical devices.

Dr. Mack has over 27 years experience as a registered Nurse, which includes 15 years as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Mack has held senior level hospital positions, including executive positions as a Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer for several southern California Hospitals. Dr. Mack maintains an active practice as an acute care Nurse Practitioner through St. Bernadine Medical Center, in San Bernardino, California.

Brief Description Students in this course will use the Electronic Medical Record (EMP) app in order to gain a better understanding of how the various aspects of EMR function in relation to clinical application and workflow. Students will utilize flow mapping app to improve their ability to represent concepts beyond a paper-based environment, and share their work real-time via wifi. Graphical tools assist with visual representation of these concepts and accelerate student skill acquisition. Examsoft is a computer based testing app that will be utilized to deploy all exams online.

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