Carl Rebman


Carl Rebman

School of Business Administration- ITMG 350 Managment Information Systems 11
Biography Carl Rebman Jr. is an associate professor of Information Systems and Information Technology, which provides outreach programs for continuing education students, certificate and training programs for local San Diego IT companies, and research presentations. He is also a member of the San Diego Information Technology Directors group and serves on the editorial board of several journals.
Brief Description The use of the iPads in the classroom will make students aware of Information Systems in an organization and identifying where it holds a strategic advantage. Because this is a W writing course, students will be using the iPad as well for their writing and research projects.  Also, collecting and assessing data, as well as sharing it with classmates will be made much easier with the use of iPad technology in the classroom. Students will use Flipboard and Zite to locate and assemble news and information regarding challenges and opportunities within IS as it relates towards business. They will also use Notability, Zoom, GoClass to enhance the lecture delivery format and Prezi to assist with presentations. YouTubeCapture will assist with capturing real time information associated with projects.

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