Starting up, iPads in Band

We had an interesting roll-out with the iPads at our first band rehearsal: the internet was down. As I teach my classes, when dealing with technology, always have a backup plan! Luckily we did and we proceeded as usual.

In subsequent rehearsals, things have been going very well. It has taken a good amount of my time scanning in music, but once that is scanned, it will be good for years. Also, after the initial use, materials are downloaded directly to the iPads, so Wifi is not required. This ForScore music reader is working well, although I find students are apprehensive to use all the features, namely writing on their parts. As I review the procedure, as well as general comfort with the app increases, I think it will be less of a problem.

The Tonal Energy app is working amazingly well. I believe I am different than most other iPad classrooms, in that the device is used more to change the basic day-to-day delivery of instruction, opposed to working toward a specific project. I’ve seen a major difference in tuning by week three, with student attentively double tasking the routine tasks of a rehearsal with their new rehearsal supplement.


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