Explaining Everything About their Speeches

My public speaking course did a great job with their first video self-evaluation assignment conducted on the iPad application “Explain Everything.” Here were the steps I took to deploy this assignment.

  • I spent about three hours playing with the application to test how I wanted them to create the videos. I learned that their videos needed to be relatively short (I decided on 1 minute and 30 seconds) because it took so long for Explain Everything to compress the file (about 15-20 minutes). However, it was very quick to upload the file onto my video.sandiego.edu account once the video was compressed. After playing with the application, I created this rubric to give to students that went through the process step by step: Explain Everything Video Self-Evaluation Description & Rubric
  • I dedicated one class period to walking students through the steps of how to create their self-evaluation videos. One of my students, Andrew, displayed his iPad through Airplay and I stood by the projector screen directing the class where to push (as my student Andrew followed along through airplay we also had some fun–I pretended I was using a smart board, when really he was just following my fingers :). We had time for question and answers–and worked out any kinks students were having with their iPads. One thing we realized was that not everyone had the Blackboard app downloaded on their iPad, which was strange since I thought it came with the imaging process.
  • Students then had a week to complete the assignment and submitted it to our course dropbox through video.sandiego.edu (I have a link posted on my Blackboard account).
  • I used this rubric to evaluate the student videos: Evaluation sheet for Self Evaluation Videos
  • Grading was easy-breezy! And better yet, each video was only 1:30 sec long. I had the videos graded in just under an hour. Overall I learned students are pretty savvy with this technology. However, I did find that a lot of the videos had an echo and I’m not sure where that was coming from (the space they were in?). It wasn’t in all of the videos–so it must be user generated, me thinks. I’d like to offer them advice of how to avoid this echo, but I’m not sure what that would be–any tips?

All in all, it was a successful project and I’m looking forward to them trying it again for their next speeches.


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