Team 3 Unpacking Complex Instructional Lessons:

Team 3 reminded us that there are multiple ways to teach and learn. They emphasized theoretical approaches to how one develops written-language proficiency. Their selection and demonstrate of iPad applications was linked to theories of learning. Knowing the purpose for including specific learning resources based on theoretical approaches to teaching and learning provided a purposeful intention for why a particular iPad application was a good resource. There presentation illustrated how complex and difficult it is for students to master the written form of communication. A cross breed between PowerPoint and Keynotes was used to prepare a single 36-slide presentation.



As a result of their presentation style one or two apps were demonstrated for different segments of the writing process. It was easy to see how their selected apps could facilitate additional practice for students with special needs.


I was pleased to see that the collaborative effort and responsibility for different elements of written communication resulted in a seamless experience. Each student became an expert about methods of teaching different elements of learning the art of written expression across the K-12 spectrum. The best ah-ha moment in the presentation was when fellow classmates in small group interaction recognized that well designed e-learning applications can be embedded in activities that met the needs of high achievers, average learners and those with English language or special education challenges at the same time.




One comment

  1. I am not a proponent of the iPad program. I think this has much to do with my placement and the fact that I did not have the opportunity to utilize all of the apps that many of my classmates utilized. I definitely used the iPad on a much more personal scale rather than an educational scale. I used the hulu app, iTunes, iMessage, various game apps, and the camera.
    I have found that my work quality is much better when I am using my laptop. I think this has to do with the fact that I can work faster on my laptop and I get frustrated when I am working on the iPad going back and forth to different websites and trying to compose all my thoughts into a document.
    I do like the ease of grabbing an iPad and throwing it in my purse but that does not outweigh the difficulties I have using it to do work. I have been reading some of the possible specs for the new iPad that is expected in Fall of 2014 and they are considering a split screen feature which I think would be a game changer for me. I also think that providing a case that has a keyboard attached would have made me more apt to use the iPad for class assignments and note taking.
    Some of the apps that I downloaded and would love to get to use or learn more about are ScreenChomp, weKWL, Inspiration, Kidspiration, EndNote, iAnnotate, and Venn. I also have GeniusScan and that has been a great app for me on the iPad and on my iPhone.
    Overall, having access to the iPad was fun but it was difficult when there were requirements to have assignments done using the iPad.

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