Team Two Adjusting Flipped Classroom Bump in the Road

Apps Demonstrating

Team 2. This week everything relevant to e-teaching is up and running in our assigned classroom. Team Two was determined to showcase their own presentation style. The team began class via FaceTime. A classmate connected her iPad to the sympodium. The presenters appeared live saying they would be 10 minutes late due to traffic. In reality the students were actually calling from another classroom in the building. There was a purpose for this ruse. The team assigned a flipped classroom activity earlier in the week. The task was distributed through the Blackboard e-mail for this course. The team was worried that their classmates might not have completed the task prior to class. This was actually experienced the week before when no one read the flipped assignment prior to the team presentation. The lesson had to be redesigned on the spot. The team saved the day, but the scenario was still fresh on the minds of team two members. This 10-minute pre-activity was actually catch-up time to ensure the class was ready to participate in a planned segment of the lesson.


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