Team 2 Evidence of Learning Success:

You know a good lesson is taking place when you see teachers and learners working together to explore potential integration of apps into learning moments. Nothing works better than a teacher traveling around the classroom making learning personal.


Teaching How



  1. For our presentation, we used several educational apps to assist students with reading comprehension, graphic organization, and various writing strategies. Some of our favorites were: weKWL,
    Kidspiration, Word Cloud, Reading Comprehension, and Vittle Free.

  2. This is the email that we sent out for our flipped class that has a list of all of the apps we used that day:

    Good Evening Professor and Classmates!

    We are looking forward to guiding you through our lesson on Thursday and ask that you please watch the following link in preparation for class. Please also download the weKWL app on your Ipad before class begins on Thursday!

    Link to video:

    Link to weKWL app:


    We will be discussing a few of the following apps and highly suggest their use in your class! Plus they’re free!




    Vittle Free:

    Reading Comprehension:


    Thanks so much in advance and we will see you soon!!

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