Team One Student Teaching Class iPad Integration

No idea how students planned to imbed iPad into 2 hour class presentation requirement in the special education methods class. This group was rehearsed and ready to start. On Tuesday they met in the classroom for a dry run. On presentation day they arrived 45 minutes early. Rearranged furniture in room for group activities and to set up presentation equipment Twenty minutes before class time they ran into my office in a panic. The computer was not working in our classroom. SOLES Desktop Support provider Richard Garner tried alternate ways to connect. No go. He went to find another classroom. We considered moving next door but another class would start there in 45 minutes. Richard came to the rescue. We moved to the auditorium. Not a beat was lost and show went on.




The class was designed to be student engagement in the lesson. Shown here is a reading app. Each student was given an app list of software to download for the presentation. Each student was able to see what was on the screen while personally interacting with the reader. The favorite class activity was watching a youtube video and then logging into a web link that provided a way to give their points of view. As a prompt was answered the response was shown on the screen.



To heighten the suspense a countdown app was set up on the podium where classmates saw a visual countdown of time left to complete group seat activity.



Team One applied various means of student engagement, entertainment and discovery of apps that everyone wanted to jot down for their own “app toolkit”. The challenge was to encourage the three remaining teams to develop their own creative way to deliver their two hour class. I left them with a plea not to try to copy the team one engaging experience – rather be themselves.



  1. Using the iPads to create this presentation was extremely helpful. We were all able to search for relevant apps at the same time, and show each other the different apps that we found without too much difficulty.

    Additionally, the iPad made it easy to present our lesson. We were able to easily switch between the powerpoint presentation and demonstrating our apps to the entire class using the projection screen.

    The apps that we found for our lesson all had to deal with early reading development. Below is a list of the apps that we used:
    – To Run is Fun
    – Photo Touch Sight Words
    – Bob Books

    Additionally, we created a Google Form for our classmates to fill out to increase class participation. The answers were easily displayed on a Google Excel Doc, for all of our peers to see. Using that information, we were better able to describe strategies that could be used by our classmates in the classroom.

  2. Throughout the development of this presentation, as well as the actual presentation itself, I relied entirely on my iPad! My computer died on me just before the semester started and when we heard the news that we were going to be part of the iPad project, I made it my goal to attempt to complete the entire semester, including all required assignments on the iPad. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to survive ALMOST entirely on my iPad.

    For this presentation I used my iPad as a reference point for notes and key points I wanted to remember to mention throughout the presentation. It was light and easy to carry around the stage, while at the same time, subtle and cohesive with the rest of the technology in the room. In addition, I was able to have multiple documents and apps open and accessible at the same time, so I could easily double tap the home button and access any of the pages opened to reference during the presentation.

    I created the takeaway resource kit in Pages. I found it so quick and easy to make an engaging, resourceful and accessible document for our presentation. I was able to incorporate the apps presented, as well as images and key resources presented for the audience to be able to reference at a later date.

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