Reflecting Back on First Class

This is the big day. Students were excited when I sent them an email before semester started about the iPad project. Las week they were so excited and an unusually happy chit chat first day of class. The procedure has many of the kinks that made iPad distribution clunkier in Spring 2012 for my assessment class.

Shahra gave an overview and her presence gave the class a sense of importance and purpose. Students were impressed that the Senior Director of Technology Services took the time to come to their class.

Once IT staff left the class was like Christmas Day. Everyone toying with their iPad and nudging the person next to them when they discovered something new found in their exploration. When the class settled down and some questions about how the grant was awarded we turned to specific class assignments that were tweaked to require interaction with the iPad. The second time around I decided a grade incentive might heighten student use of the iPads. At this point they all agreed that that was okay with them.

Sent students home with task to getting familiar with their iPad. I explained the project was interested in learning all the different ways the iPad became part of their daily life. Suggested they explore entertaining apps and options that were leisure focused. Left them with the thought that sometimes the best instructional uses serendipitously seeped out of personal time wondering.

Even I was excited that I could trade my iPad 2 from the previous grant in for a new iPad Air!


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