Clinging to laptops

Even though all students in this graduate class received iPads, they still have their laptops open during class with iPads sitting on the side. Is it a typing issue? We were adding to a padlet. Is it a productivity issue? Having access to files on the computer. Or do they use the iPad for certain activities and the laptop for others? Some are switching back & forth between iPads & laptops — so are we making it easier for them OR more confusing?


One comment

  1. I have also been observing student active use of the iPad in the project course. I have been keeping a spreadsheet of electronic usage each class. When taking either notes as lecture is occurring or during group assigned activities I see more portables open and active. The iPads are there but not always active engaging. May be habit from K-12 and college courses to date. I think keyboard is also a stumbling block. – Jerry

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