Using the iPad in EDUC 101 “Introduction to Teaching and Learning”

Dear Colleagues,

It’s been a very exciting opportunity to incorporate some activities into the classroom via the iPad mobile learning device.  As soon as we received the iPads, students were working together to present their group project by designing visual representations on the iPad and emailing them to me so that I could show the class their work on the big screen while they described their group projects.  We have also used the iPad notepad and pages to do warm-up activities where they respond to one or two questions related to the upcoming class project.  They instantly are able to “share” these with me so that I can review them and provide them with feedback on each during the course of the class.  We regularly use the Blackboard app to access their insight blogs and online journals.  I have also been able to hyperlink all of the articles and make it accessible to them both when their doing their readings at home, but even in class when they need to pull up an article.  We have used the iPad to pull up lesson plans and reading activities, and the best part is that I don’t need to make copies – students instantly have access.  Lastly, I have had the opportunity to provide links to additional articles, slideshares, videos for collaborative projects in the classroom based on the reading they did at home.  I simple put these in a word document with the hyperlinks and send them to my students before class.  They pull it up on their iPads and are ready to engage in in-class activities.  Recently, we explored through the theme of technology in education, “second life,” “twitter,” “eblogger,” and “edmodo.”


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